czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Sessions to come

Same Road is dead, but we have hours of music recorded. I'm working on this now and soon I will post first part. It's all improvised jams, most of them played just once. Recorded in years 2010-2013 I think it's a nice piece of  work. It will be available on our bandcamp site for streaming so in the meantime check our last efforts there.
So... go back to work...

sobota, 28 grudnia 2013

Time Travelling Ancient Aliens

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Same Road is dead again...
But we present you our new project Time Travelling Ancient Aliens.

czwartek, 24 października 2013

Sorry, we will not play 26.10...

Due to some problems we will not play 26-10-2013 at Kawalek Podlogi...

piątek, 11 października 2013

Same Road will play again 26.10.2013

We will play with The Black Thunder and Struggle with God
Kawałek Podłogi, Koszalin

Come and smoke and see and hear us play

niedziela, 18 sierpnia 2013

Same Road will play before The Flying Eyes and Golden Animals

This Tuesday (20-08-2013) we will play before The Flying Eyes and Golden Animals.
The concert will take place at:
Kawałek Podłogi,
ul. Piastowska 21,
75-950 Koszalin.
Tickets: 20 PLN
Start: 8 PM

piątek, 19 lipca 2013

Photos from Szczecin, 21-12-2012

Hey there,
there's some photos from the Party At The End Of The World - 21-12-2012.

wtorek, 4 czerwca 2013

A gig in Warsaw

This Friday (7.06.2013) we will play in Warsaw with Asteroid (Swe), Gonzo and the Prezidents (Pol) and Sun Frenzy (Pol).
This gig will take place at Club 2Koła, ul. Tunelowa 2, Warsaw.
Come and support us!!!