piątek, 21 maja 2010

Same Road - Bar Camp: Czas na zmiany (15.05.2010)

"Galeria SCENA" is an artistic branch of CK 105. They basically make photo, paintings, sculptures, videos galleries and stuff like that with the cooperation with the local students of Technical University. It's the third time we've been playing for them. This time was the night of performances. We didn't know anything about the nature of that. They called it "Bar Camp: Czas na zmiany" ("Time for changes"). As I said we knew the place before, which was the basement of city's library, and we liked the acoustic of this place. And we recorded this gig. Few days before we bought a new microphone and it's all recorded by it.
Tracks 1-4 & 10 are improv/jams. Track 2 is for performance of Andrzej Ciesielski and track 3 for performance of Robert Knuth (who is actually shouting in this track). Tracks 5,6 & 9 came from "Muzyka do mycia okien" and we play these live very often. Track 7 is one of our new tracks and 8 is one of our first tune ever. The last one is a soundtrack to a movie we've all been watching at the end of this night.
So as I said: 100% live, in one microphone, 15.05.2010



1. jedziemy, jedziemy
2. signum
3. 100 zupek chińskich
4. intermisja
5. głosy sprzed swiatów
6. dobry kawałek na zimowe wieczory
7. nie szatan zdobi człowieka
8. plaża, październik
9. spod rynny na deszcz
10. do filmu

Robert Kuliński - guitar
Emil Krocz - bass
Sebastian Strycharczuk - drums

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  1. Chłopaki, nie żeby Wasze wcześniejsze płyty były słabe, ale toż to jest zajebiste !