piątek, 21 maja 2010

Same Road - Cinema Optica (2004)

We started to play in May 2003. At the end of that year we recorded our first tracks in our rehearsal room, on PC. We called it "Woodr". Some of these tracks were quite nice, but unfortunally the equpment we've had and recording conditions were so poor that it just couldn't sound right. Anyway we made few copies and even a cover and shared it with some of our friends.

"Cinema Optica" is our second recording. We used a long, empty room that time and we'd been playing live. We had few microphones and a mixer and it was recorded on tape (!!!). Very specific sound of this place gave us natural echo/delay effect. Recorded in 2 days in April 2004. Right-channel guitar was added day after. Many years has passed but we still like this record.



1. Kolorado
2. 100000
3. Organizm
4. Fifi
5. Koming Sum
6. Swingus Jinglut
7. Stloczeni
8. Tanikawalekdrogi
9. Dafi kran

Robert Kuliński - guitar
Emil Krocz - bass
Sebastian Strycharczuk - drums

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  1. Beautiful music, thank you for sharing it ! If you will go on tour come and stop by in Slovakia :)